Drive thru Systems

More than half of a Quick Serve Restaurant's business comes through the drive thru.the ease and convenience is beneficial for the customer, and a great way to serve many customers in quick succession. However a drive thru is only as good as the equipment it's hooked up with. We here at CGS Sound and video are dedicated to ensuring that your drive thru has the latest and greatest technology, and ensures that it will be installed properly in a timely manner.

Additional Options include:

  • Drive-thru greeters
  • Additional Drive-thru wireless headsets
  • Confirmation boards
  • Drive-thru timers
  • Order Confirmation Boards
  • Additional batteries


Drive Thru Maintenence


Keeping your drive thru going

Along with the installation of your drive thru system, we offer an In House Drive Thru Maintenance program. For a monthly fee, we'll swap old, damaged, and dirty equipment and make them shine like new, and more importantly, WORK like new.



Headsets are surprisingly expensive to buy brand new. It's frustrating enough to put the money down to buy it, moreso when it's something small like a damaged mic. With our Basic Drive Thru Maintenance program, we'll swap out your headsets for refurbished models and ship them straight to your store, as early as the next morning. Don't deal with taped up greasy headsets ever again!


...And more!

Base stations, battery chargers, timers, digital display's and other equipment can be included in an upgraded version of our Drive Thru Maintenance plan! Don't let your drive thru come to a screeching halt because of an old, damaged base station.

Our drive thru brands