CGS Drive thru Assistance Tool

If you need assistance with your Drive Thru System now, check out the Drive Thru Assistance Tool.

This tool includes many common issues and the solutions to fix them for most drive thru headsets and equipment. Keep this tool handy and come back to it when you have issues.

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In House Drive Thru Maintenance Program

One Time Repair

If you have a damaged drive thru equipment, we'll happily work with you on a case-by-case basis. We offer competitive pricing on repairs and swapping refurbished equipment for your damaged equipment.

Express Repair Plus Programs

For a monthly fee, we'll provide mail-in coverage on your drive thru's headsets. We'll either repair or replace your headsets and ship them to your business for no additional fees. Price may vary.

Comprehensive Program

This service is the advance replacement program covering almost your entire drive thru; Including headsets, base station, chargers, timers, and more! Includes free shipping.