Sound systems

Choosing the sound that's right for you.

We install sound systems for a wide variety of venues; Businesses, conference hall, restaurants,bars, churches, and more. Every room is as unique as the people who will be filling them. We work directly with our customers to find what's right for them and their patrons. Whether you just need something soft to replace the deafening silence, or need a powerful system to entertain your guests, we can find what you need!

  • Indoor & outdoor speakers
  • In-ceiling or wall-mounted speakers
  • Intercom systems
  • Ad Free Music
  • Create an environment for your store's personality.
  • on-hold music for your phone system

Give us a call and tell us what you're looking for, we're here to help!

Why get Music from us?

Custom system for your needs

A day care center and an industrial warehouse do not have the same needs in sound. We take careful consideration to ensure that we get the perfect combination of speakers, amps, and music providers for your needs.

No Radio Commercials

Advertisements are bad enough when you're listening to music recreationally, but when you're at work, they can be a bigger nuisance. We offer systems that include music with no ads, no commercials, just the music you love!

No Competition in your store

No ads means that you don't run the risk of advertising for your competitors. Local radio and even internet radio run ads, and some of those ads could pull customers out of your store and into someone else's!

Quality sound

CGS offers speakers from the biggest names in the industry! Bose, JBL, Kiipsche and more. Their reputation is deserved with over 80 years of research into creating the best sound for their products.

Great Value

We want to create something you enjoy, but we don't intend to destroy your checkbook either. We happily work within your budget, offering different options to keep your bill low but keep your quality high!

Incredible Variety

Our music services include commercial free music with a huge variety of station. Even if your personal radio only gets a handful of stations, our systems offers music to create any number of environments for your customers. Rock, jazz, classical, country, punk, whatever you can possibly want!

Our Speaker Brands